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The Back Bar

The infamous Back Bar is somewhat of an institution here at Lavery’s; you’ll find the best characters hanging out here. It’s also the perfect space for private parties of up to 60 people.


The Back Bar, a cornerstone of Lavery's, is steeped in history and cultural significance. Established as a bohemian haven, it has long been the favored retreat of Belfast's vibrant subcultures - the punks, hippies, and stoners. A symbol of counterculture and free expression since its inception, this legendary space resonates with the spirit of nonconformity and artistic freedom.

Upon entering The Back Bar, you are transported into a world that defies convention. The decor, an eclectic mix of vintage and alternative, reflects the diverse clientele that has frequented its quarters over the decades. Walls adorned with an array of posters, graffiti, and memorabilia tell a story of rebellion and creative exploration. The atmosphere here is electric yet welcoming, a place where individuality is not just accepted but celebrated.

Central to The Back Bar's charm is its laid-back vibe. The space is deliberately designed to foster a sense of community and shared experience. From its mismatched furniture to the relaxed seating areas, every corner invites conversation and camaraderie. This is a place where boundaries blur, where punks and hippies, artists and dreamers, mingle and merge in a tapestry of eclectic harmony.

Music is the heartbeat of The Back Bar. A legendary stage, graced by both local up-and-comers and renowned bands, pulses with the energy of live performances. These musical nights are more than events; they are communal experiences where the sounds of punk, rock, and alternative genres reverberate, capturing the essence of Belfast's underground scene.

But it's the bar's unwavering commitment to being a sanctuary for the unconventional that truly sets it apart. The Back Bar has always been a place where the norms of society are left at the door, and the spirit of freedom and creativity takes hold. Here, stories of past adventures blend with present experiences, creating an ever-evolving narrative that is as dynamic as its patrons.

Whether you're a lifelong regular or a curious newcomer, The Back Bar at Lavery's welcomes you. It's a place to enjoy a cold beer, engage in deep discussions, or simply bask in the eclectic ambiance. A visit here is more than just a night out; it's an immersion into a rich cultural tapestry, a celebration of diversity, and a testament to the enduring allure of Belfast's alternative scene.

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The Back Bar is the best place to catch the match. Whether it’s soccer, rugby, GAA, snooker, darts, F1, whatever your sport; if you don’t see your fixture listed drop us an email or call in on the day and speak to a manager, we’ll do our best to put it on a screen.

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Tuesday, 27th February 2024

English FA Cup

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Bournemouth vs Leicester

Kicks off @ 7:30 PM

English FA Cup

Blackburn vs Newcastle

Blackburn vs Newcastle

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Can I wear a football/ rugby/ GAA top to watch the match?
Yes, football tops are permitted except for Irish & Scottish league soccer.
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Yes, children are legally allowed on the premises up to 9pm on the groundfloor only. The pool room is strictly over 18s.
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We do not show Irish or Scottish league football in the bar. 
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We do not show boxing or MMA



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